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julio 29, 2022
8:40 am

Detalles del evento

Hey LiLO’s family! live this awesome experience of: CHIVA PARTY BUS


Get a bit crazy on Fridays was never this fun! Come with us to the one and only most typical colombian transport: a CHIVA, a rustic, painted with many colours, fun driving club! Enjoy the best viewpoints of Medellín with us and other places besides Poblado!

  • Meeting point: El Viajero Rooftop Bar
  • Calle 11a #43d -11
  • Date: EVERY Friday
  • Time: 8:30 PM.
  • Cost: $30,OOO by showing the sticker from LiLO ($5O,OOO cop if you don’t have the sticker but still wanna join or any of your friends! ~ 15 USD)
  • Includes: → FREE SALSA CLASS → WELCOMING SHOT → Open bar in the chiva (Rum and Aguardiente shots) → 4 AMAZING LOCAL CLUBS → Alcohol guns → Games → Neon wristbands → TRANSPORT TO ANOTHER NEIGHBORHOOD → AFTER PARTY → Local/exchange and friendly people
  • If you wanna book your place or have any question text us here:
  • +57 3216177182
Imagen de Chiva Party Bus with LiLO
Fecha del evento:
julio 29, 2022
Hora del evento:
8:40 am
Calle 11a #43d -11